Terrain at Styer’s

The Garden Shed at Terrain's rustic reception room, with twinkling lights, lanterns, and warm rustic details.

Terrain’s Garden Shed, the charming and rustic reception room, has amble space. Photo by Shannon Collins Photography.

  1. Is the venue/entrance clearly labeled? If not, describe the entrance and how to enter the space.
  2. What is the proximity of public transportation to the venue?
    Buses 111 and 119 have routes that pass near the venue. [7-minute walking directions from bus 111 linked here.]
  3. Where’s the closest ADA accessible parking?
    The parking lot outside the venue.
  4. What are the seating options?
    Indoor or outdoor
  5. How much seating is there?
    Same as capacity, which is up to 30 guests (indoor) or 75 (outdoor) for an intimate wedding [at the time of publication].
  6. Can wheelchair users view the ceremony clearly from a sitting height?
  7. What is the type of path surface?
    Combination of brick, wood, pavers, gravel, grass. [A virtual tour can be viewed here, to get a better idea of the layout and options.]
  8. Are there curb cuts where applicable?
  9. Is the main entrance (or level where the ceremonies and receptions take place) wheelchair accessible?
  10. If there are steps, can you hire a ramp to place over the steps?
  11. How complicated is the venue layout?
    Very easy.
  12. Are the doorways at least 32 inches wide?
  13. Are there gender-inclusive restrooms?
  14. Are the restrooms accessible?
  15. If the restrooms are ADA accessible, where are they located?
    Located inside the reception room.
  16. Is there an accessible getting ready space for the marriers if they need it?
    There is a suite for touchup, makeup, and dressing, but not for full wedding getting ready.
  17. Does the venue allow service animals?
  18. When serving food, are there vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options?
  19. Can people bring their own food?

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