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As an avid podcast listener, it’s always a pleasure to experience shows from the other side as a guest or co-host. Looking for someone to chat with about disrupting the wedding industrial complex? Or what it’s like to discover new identities later in life? Or maybe you’d like to mix things up and have someone interview you?

Example: Pause on the Play, Episode 185. Autonomy, Personal Ownership, and Consent: A Conversation with Shannon Collins


Curious about having me share my expertise with your audience? I’m happy provide educational input via interviews, whether written or verbal. Topics can range from disability justice, gender identity, advocating for queer youth, the wedding industrial complex, life as a late-diagnosed Autistic adult, and more.

Example: The Knot’s The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Disability-Friendly Wedding


Whether it’s a live presentation, workshop, or a community conversation, I’m always looking to join folks in dialogue around topics of interest.

Example: A virtual Q&A with Altared on the topic of inclusivity norms within the wedding industry.


I have years of experience in reviewing and ranking award applications for a powerful program—prioritizing marginalized members of the community who aim to serve these populations.

Example: I’m keeping this anonymous, since I am still a committee member and don’t want to skew the results in any way. 

Past Speaking Engagements

  1. Dropping the Veil: Featured speaker in a community conversation on visibility and vulnerability. Part of a 3-day virtual event in the Pause on the Play community.

  2. Sharing about Kids Online: Do You Have Their Consent? A live workshop alongside Stacie Lampkin in the Pause on the Play community.

  3. Rainbow Connections: Celebrating LGBTQ+ Kids and Allies in Your Community & Beyond. A free webinar alongside Jessica Olzak for Public Library Association. This presentation was also given locally to other library branches in neighboring counties.

  4. Rainbow Connections: Free, virtual monthly meetups for LGBTQIA+ kids and allies in K-5. Co-hosted alongside Jessica Olzak since November 2021.

  5. Coming up: A live presentation and Q&A on the topic of Autistic marriers and vendors. For the Equally Inclusive community on September 27, 2023.

Speaking Topics

Disrupting the wedding industrial complex

Whether you’re a social justice-minded wedding vendor or marginalized marrier, let’s discuss ways to advocate for safer, more diverse, inclusive, and accessible industry standards. We can rethink inclusivity norms while focusing on why brand values matter and making sure our network includes vendors who align with our own.

» Why mandatory pronoun sharing can be harmful
» Why labeling ourselves as a “safe space” can do more harm than good
» How saying things like “we welcome everyone” means we’re not including anyone
» How to best support folks who aren’t comfortable with the attention that comes with a celebration
» Give back policies: Why they matter and how to incorporate them into our workflow


Le Scoop article

Le Scoop: Exploring and Affirming Gender Journeys

Wanting to jump into conversations around gender identity and expression, but overwhelmed with where to start? Shannon Collins, non-binary parent and creative, shares ways to support children of all ages around topics like gender expansiveness.

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The Knot Disability Article

The Knot: The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Disability-Friendly Wedding

Wondering how to plan a wedding that’s more accessible? The Knot connected with top wedding professionals to understand the steps to-be-weds can take to create a special day where all feel welcome and able to participate in the festivities.

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Rainbow Connections WHYY

'Letting it shine’: An Abington library is creating space for kids to talk about gender

The Abington Township Public Library’s new program, Rainbow Connections, offers a safe and fun place for LGBTQ+ kids in grades K-5.

Read more
Youthphoria WHYY

WHYY Spotlights Youthphoria

WHYY spotlighted Youthphoria in an airing of Feel Good Fridays by Elizabeth Estrada. The radio story, which aired locally on WHYY and NPR was complemented by an article spotlighting past participant, Riley Matties and the joy they felt after her session.

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Best of Philly

Best of Philly 2022: Best Photographer

In Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly 2022, Youthphoria was awarded in the helpers & fixers category in the city—winning Best Mission-Driven Photographer and featured alongside community staples like Mama-Tee Fridge and PHL Pride Collective.

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The New York Times queer wedding

Making Their Weddings an All-Gender Affair

Some couples are forgoing certain traditions — like groomsmen and bridesmaids — in favor of more inclusivity. As one person planning a wedding said: “That’s just being a good host.”

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Family Focus Media

Meet Youthphoria: Family Focus Media’s 2023 Community Builder of the Year Award Winner

Youthphoria, Philadelphia Family’s Community Builder of the Year Award Winner, is a free photo service for trans, nonbinary, and gender-expansive youth in the greater Philadelphia area founded by photographer Shannon Collins.

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The Knot Queer Vendors

42 LGBTQIA+-Owned Businesses You Can Consider for Your Wedding

This article includes are some of The Knot’s favorite big and small businesses owned or dedicated to people in the LGBTQIA+ community. If you’re hoping to shop more thoughtfully during your planning process, we’ve rounded up plenty of brands you’ll love. From wedding officiants to attire for your big day, here are people and companies you can invest in while wedding planning and afterward.

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Philadelphia Gay News article

Photographers push for equality in the wedding industry

An article from Philadelphia Gay News, spotlighting some Philadelphia-based wedding photographers who have devoted their careers to fighting the heteronormative stereotypes that pervade weddings and providing inclusive, authentic photos for queer couples in the area.

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The Knot photo for sensory-friendly wedding

Sensory-Friendly Wedding Planning Tips for Neurodivergent Couples and Guests

Planning a wedding with neurodiversity in mind is one step to-be-weds can take in creating a more accessible and inclusive wedding reception. Here are some sensory-friendly tips, backed by wedding expert advice, to keep in mind amid the wedding journey.

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You Oughta Know

Local Library Offers LGBTQ+ Kids a Safe Space to Make Connections

The Abington Township Public Library’s Rainbow Connections program bills itself as a child-centered safe space for LGBTQ+ kids and families to make friends and talk about topics like gender and pronouns. The program launched virtually in November during Transgender Awareness Week for children in grades K-5. Now, kids across the country are joining the monthly Zoom meetings.

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