This space is meant to be a carefully curated (and growing) collection of like-minded Philadelphia area wedding vendors that celebrate all kinds of love — featuring marriers of all races, gender identities, sexualities, cultures, religions, bodies, and abilities. The focus is to gather wedding vendors who care about equality, are socially conscious, and want to work with brands who share their values.

Clients should be able to feel confident, and more importantly, safe, when working with any vendor from the upcoming list. I’ll be personally reviewing each company and wedding professional to confirm their commitment to collaborating with marginalized communities and working to create inclusive cultures.

This is not an advertising space, it’s meant to reduce the amount of emotional labor my clients have to engage in when they’re planning a wedding. It does not cost money to be listed, but it does cost time.

The only reason misused (and often overused) terms such as “diversity and inclusion, equal opportunity, and equity and access” exist is because the foundation is white. Without recognizing that, we’re unable to move forward to challenge ourselves to do something meaningful other than ride the false wave of “diversity.” Unlearning systemic racism and the colonized conception of gender is an everyday action. This is not about checking off some DEI box, rather by supporting clients because we want to foster diversity and dismantle oppression within our organizations.

I encourage fellow vendors to also become LGBTQ+ inclusive certified by Equally Wed Pro (full disclosure: I receive a 15% commission as part of their affiliate program if you purchase via that link), which offers a deep-dive into making your wedding business more authentically inclusive. In an effort to put education to the forefront, vendors should also consider receiving anti-racism or diversity in business training from educator Nova Reid. There’s true value in diversity, beyond tokenism or capitalizing.

As a cishet, white woman and small business owner, I’m an equality enthusiast who is committed to making my business an inclusive space for everyone by:

  • Remaining firm on my brand values
  • Confidently using inclusive language
  • Having the tools (like the ones listed above) to grow my wedding business inclusively
  • Providing services for ideal clients without tokenizing them
  • Collaborating with like-minded vendors to better the wedding community

In addition to being referrals to my client base, I’ll also provide listed vendors with access to the Inclusive Philadelphia-Area Wedding Vendor Community Facebook Group, where we can collaborate and learn from each other.

Apply to become an inclusive, Philadelphia-area wedding vendor:

fill out the questionnaire here

Coming soon: Get to know the Philadelphia-area community’s inclusive wedding vendors…