Planning a photo session should evoke excitement, not fear, but that is not always the case for those who are marginalized. My intentions as a photographer are to reduce the amount of labor that my clients have to engage in. An oppressed group can’t simply stop being oppressed, we all need to fix it.


I celebrate all kinds of love and photograph folks of all races, gender identities, sexualities, cultures, religions, bodies, and abilities. I want to honor your experience by letting you lead the way in terms of how you identify and how you’d like to be addressed. For marriers, I aim to refer my clients to like-minded wedding vendors who care about equality, are socially conscious, and share similar values. Specifically, I connect LGBTQIA+ clients with affirming vendors and by advocating for safer, more diverse, more inclusive, and more accessible industry standards.


I’m committed to collaborating with marginalized communities and working to amplify the voices that too often go unheard — through their love stories and by capturing joy as resistance. Some of the ways I do this is by unlearning systemic racism through an intersectional lens — including ableism, fatphobia, classism, and the colonized conception of gender — which is an everyday action.


I wholeheartedly want to support my clients to foster diversity and dismantle oppression within my small business. It’s worth noting that as a cisgender, white woman, I hold many privileges, and benefit from the same oppressive system I’m working to disrupt and dismantle. As a business owner and individual, I’m committed to centering the pain and progress of BIPOC folks, while challenging myself and my industry peers to work toward equality, equity, justice, and unity.


I send (hopefully) humorous, thoughtfully-written emails with my latest musings, exclusive deals, and overly-personal updates. I'd love to include you — and hear back from you when something really hits home or helps out. Sound good? (Your email is safe with me.)