Shannon Collins Photography, bio

Hi there. I’m a Philadelphia-area based wedding and lifestyle photographer. I live in the suburbs with my ginger-haired husband and our two young kids. We also reside with a dachshund named Dexter and chinchilla named Maude. When I’m not chasing our daughter around or babywearing like a boss, I’m taking photos of couples and families who love each other. Or drawing. Or listening to podcasts (Throwing Shade! Reply All! Nancy!). Or eating hummus, if we’re being honest.

Fly on the wall, if flies wore glasses.

I’ve been photographing weddings professionally for ten years and every wedding is still so memorable and special to me. I’ve learned that letting couples shine without much interfering is the best way to showcase the day. That is why I shoot documentary-style, capturing candid moments as they happen. I like telling a genuine story about your day. That doesn’t mean I won’t be there to keep everything running smoothly, help pose your family during formals, and assist in any way possible.

Be yourselves.

I promise not to force poses. I will be there every step of the way to make sure your photos feel genuine to who you are as a couple or family. Whether that means skipping down the street or staring people down like June in The Handmaid’s Tale (dear lord, those close-ups), I want you to be you. I find it way more interesting to capture authentic moments between people than to force you into an uncomfortable situation (ie: peeking out from behind a parking meter with two thumbs up).

Couples always email me in advance, warning me they’re “awkward” in front of the camera and don’t know what to do. I’m there to help you be comfortable, loosen up, and focus on the time with your partner. I promise you’ll be photogenic and won’t feel awkward, because there’s a 99.5% chance my glasses will be steaming up or I’ll be tripping over a rock.

Let’s be friends.

It can be intimidating having someone take photos of you for eight hours on your wedding day, which is why I like to make it comfortable for everyone. I will probably follow you on Instagram and like way too many of your photos. We’ll exchange a lot of emails leading up to the day about logistics and details, but also what we’re watching on Netflix or what you’re up to this weekend. I really enjoy getting to know my couples personally, I find it really helps to tell your whole story and connect on another level.

Let’s do this thing.