The Why Behind Marriage

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Let’s normalize getting married for legal benefits, such as health insurance, tax deductions, etc.

Let’s normalize marriage not strictly being for romantic “couples.”

Let’s normalize not needing to be in a monogamous relationship to get married.

Let’s normalize open marriages and acknowledge how they can differ from polyamory.

Let’s normalize divorce and removing photos of people whose past relationships may be triggering.

Let’s normalize advocating for disabled people who can’t get married without losing their benefits and risking their lives.

Let’s normalize people getting married for social validation.

Let’s normalize those who are privileged enough to not need others’ validity to make their relationships feel seen.

Let’s normalize saying “marriage equality” instead of “same-sex marriage,” to be more inclusive.

Let’s normalize marriages not holding meaning or being the end goal for everyone.

Let’s normalize disrupting the capitalist, patriarchal, mononormative, allonormative, and heteronormative nature of the wedding industrial complex.

Let’s normalize recognizing the wedding industrial complex is a scam and still wanting to get married.

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