Elopement Photography at Awbury Arboretum | Oki + Adam

Oki and Adam eloped privately by signing a self-uniting marriage license with their two friends as witnesses. We met up at Awbury Arboretum in Philadelphia to capture portraits of them in their wedding attire. It was a very windy November day, where we explored new areas of the arboretum together and ventured to a pond and bamboo grove.

Elopement and microwedding photography is becoming understandably more popular, along with shoots like this, where I took socially-distanced portraits at a location that was special to the newly married Oki and Adam.

In one of their initial emails, Oki shared that they were a bit camera shy and have almost no pictures together. I really enjoy working with people who describe themselves as shy — taking the time to get to know each other creatively during the shoot, so we can bounce ideas back and forth. I strive for my sessions to be interactive, feeding off of the energy and personalities of the people I’m shooting alongside. I felt a rush of energy as we were wrapping up our session, which is when some of my favorite shots took place.

Thanks to folks like Oki and Adam who go against the grain and challenge the idea of what “wedding photography” can look like. Wedding photos can be whatever you want. Whether you exchange vows, or want to celebrate your love by soaking up nature together on an otherwise still and quiet Monday afternoon. Pandemic or not, these are the kinds of portrait sessions that make my week.

Oki and Adam looking in opposite directions at Awbury Arboretum
wedding portrait of the couple in the sunny trees at Awbury Arboretum
Oki and Adam's attire with their faces cropped out behind Vault + Vine florals
Oki and Adam black and white wide shot in the woods
Oki smiles at Adam while in the shadows of an ivy wall
black and white portraits of Oki in a meadow
Oki and Adam standing beneath a tall tree in a sunset meadow
The couple beneath the tall tree at sunset
Oki smiling and glancing to the side under the branches of a fall tree
Portraits of Oki looking down at their flowers from Vault + Vine
Oki and Adam smile at the camera underneath a tree.
A grid of photos of Oki and Adam, smiling in wedding attire.
Adam looks off to the side as Oki hugs his side and smiles at him.
Two verticals of Oki and Adam in front of ivy and a stone wall.
Oki holds Adam from behind, around his waist, with their flowers dropped low.
Oki stares confidently at the camera while her arm rests on a tree limb overhead.
Vertical side-by-side portraits of Oki and Adam resting in a tree.
Oki and Adam soaking up the sun during their sunset portrait session.
Oki and Adam vertical portraits, with Oki laughing and going in for a kiss.
Oki, a Korean American person, who is running their right fingers through their dark brown hair.
Oki and Adam stand in front of a green garage and smile at the camera.

Flowers by Vault + Vine
Hair + makeup by ONLO Beauty

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