Philadelphia Museum of Art Engagement Session | Caitlin + Brian

I’ve been photographing engagement sessions at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for years, but it never gets old. Each time it feels like a new experience because I get to spend time with thoughtful and kind couples like Caitlin and Brian. Plus, if people-watching is one of your favorite pastimes, those Museum steps are hard to beat. I’ll never forget the time I was photographing an engagement session in front of the Museum and a bulldog went by on a skateboard.

Engagement shoots are always my favorite because I get to spend in-person, one-on-one time with a couple. During that time, we get to know each other’s personalities, which helps me get a sense of how to be as unobtrusive as possible on their wedding day. For the most part, I like to be a fly on the wall, so moments can happen without my direction. That being said, I do like to help couples interact in poses that look natural, even though they might seem awkward in the moment (ie: “lean in for an almost-kiss, but don’t quite touch!”).

I especially like when couples choose to do engagement photos, because I have a frame of reference for who they are as people. Like how Brian is learning “Losing My Religion” on mandolin. Or how Caitlin didn’t think ice cream trucks were real as a child, because she grew up in Central PA, where they weren’t really a thing. Little glimpses into people’s lives, which make them who they are and give me a better understanding of what matters most to them. Here are some favorites from our session together.

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