{Engagement} Katherine & Neil

When Katherine and Neil mentioned the idea of having their photos taken in front of the city’s Love Letter murals (where my husband and I had ours), I couldn’t wait to revisit the painted walls by Steve Powers. After trekking down Market Street, we made the drive to the Art Museum’s latest garden conceived by Sol LeWitt.

When a couple is up for any challenge — posing while a drug deal goes down in a questionable neighborhood, scaling steep hills, climbing over tall hedges to sneak into a bee-swarmed garden, and looking breathtaking all the while — I am absolutely smitten. I hope the photos show just how endearing Katherine and Neil are, I cannot wait to attend their wedding next summer at the Power Plant.

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  1. Jessica Czerwin

    These pictures are amazing! I absolutely love the ones that were taken around the Love Letter murals. Katherine and Neil are such a great couple. These pictures really capture them well. Well done!


  2. Maureen

    Beautiful photos, beautiful couple. What a great photographer too!


  3. Tori

    Stalking you back. These are ama-za-zing 🙂


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