Shannon Collins

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Your love is pure gold.

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I’ve been photographing weddings in Philadelphia, New York, and the surrounding areas for over ten years. When I’m not shooting weddings, editing photos, or watching an obscene amount of Bravo programming, I’m hanging out with my two children and my partner, Pete. We also live with a nervous dachshund who pees on strangers and a fifteen-year-old chinchilla named Maude. Elopements, intimate weddings (aka microweddings), self-uniting weddings, and LGBTQ+ weddings are my main focus and make me excited to wake up in the morning.

More about me? I volunteer for The Trevor Project every week as a crisis counselor for their LGBTQ+ suicide prevention messaging services. My glasses fog up all the time. I look forward to fresh podcasts in my feed. I like trying to keep plants alive. I wish Moira Rose was my friend. I wish David Rose was my sweater provider. I apologize too much. And I love love.

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So many people reach out to me to let me know they’re awkward or anxious in front of the camera. If you break out in a rash from nervousness, you are not alone. I’m here to make you more comfortable and ideally forget that I’m tucked away behind a bush somewhere while you cuddle your partner. I promise not to force poses that don’t seem organic to who you are. Instead, I allow moments to happen naturally, while subtly guiding you into the best light along the way.

I want your wedding day to be filled with positive vibes, so I’ll work with you leading up to the day to make sure the timeline flows smoothly and you feel as prepared as possible. Weddings are incredibly personal, so I feel really privileged that I get to call this my profession. Capturing celebrations while focusing on color, composition, and getting to really know the people whose story I’m telling is what makes me thrive.

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Planning a wedding should evoke excitement, not fear, but that is not always the case for those who are marginalized. My intentions as an inclusive wedding photographer are to reduce the amount of labor that my clients have to engage in.

An oppressed group can’t simply stop being oppressed, we all need to fix it. I try to connect LGBTQIA+ clients with other LGBTQIA+ affirming vendors in the area and advocate for safer wedding industry standards. I want to honor your experience by letting you lead the way in terms of how you identify and how you’d like to be addressed.